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Baked Custard

From: Linda McCartney’s Home Cooking, p. 153

This baked custard makes a very special desert for a dinner party, especially when cooking and serving in small individual ovenproof dishes. It is very easy to make and requires no attention in the last 60 minutes ‒ perfect when entertaining guests.
I think it is best served warm, accompanied with some seasonal berries or fruit, but it is also nice when served chilled.

Bowl with Baked custard
Baked custard. Photo by Almut Späth CC AT-NC license

To add even more glamour to this easy-to-make dish, cover with brown sugar after removing from the oven, and put under the grill until the sugar has caramelized. An extremely quick version of cremé brulée ‒ and it is also much lower in calories than the original dish (which uses a lot of cream).