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Cheese Souflé

From: Linda McCartney’s Home Cooking, p. 94

A fluffy souflé with a lovely cheesy flavour- great served with a green salad or steamed greens.

With this recipe it seems that I have gone full circle: it was the first recipe I ever tried from this book when I bought it in 1992. Do not ask me why a teenager who does not have much experience with cooking would choose a souflé of all recipes as a first, but I remember that it did work well and that my family enjoyed it very much. Perhaps it helped that Linda wrote in her book that you need not be afraid of making souflés and that her children would make great souflés… who knows?

Anyway, I did make a cheese souflé today and it really was quite easy. As there was some Dutch pesto cheese (green!) in my fridge that needed using up, I made a green souflé which also looked very unusual but pretty. The pesto flavour was really nice in the souflé and worked well with the green veg we had to go with it.
I baked the souflé in a 2 pint souflé dish (Linda suggests a 1 pint dish) and it did rise way above the top of the dish. Luckily, it did not collapse or run down at the sides.

A delicious and quite impressive dish that is easy enough to make. Great to use up any leftover cheese.

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