Favourites Linda's recipes

Curried eggs

From: Linda McCartney’s Home Cooking, p. 97

Halfed eggs, filled with a creamy curry and mayo paste.

When I was growing up, curried eggs were to be found during many family dinners or lunch parties in summer as part of a buffet. And there never were enough curried eggs- they were always the first to disappear. Today, curried eggs seem to have a reputation of being “typically 80s” and have vanished from our tables. On a party with colleagues, my friend got a serving plate (an original from the 80s!) with little cups to hold curried eggs. The plate was meant as a joke and a sign of very bad taste. But I must say I envy her a bit and would love one of those plates to serve all those delicious variations of stuffed or curried eggs to be found in Linda’s book. Either, they were very fashionable when she wrote her book (80s! Coincidence??) or she liked them a lot . Or both. Either way, they taste great and when I tried them out on my family, they were the first to vanish 🙂

Other variations in “Home Cooking”: Devilled Eggs (p. 63) and Stuffed Curried Eggs (p. 68)