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From: Linda McCartney’s Home Cooking, p. 100

Even though Linda cautioned that a fair amount of skill is required to make gnocci, making them worked just as reliably and easy as cooking most of the other recipes from her book.

For this recipe, it is recommended to mash the potatoes after boiling. I think it helps using a potato ricer to give you a very smooth potato dough without any lumps.

I tried making the gnocci gluten-free, using rice flour. Depending on how moist the potatoes are, it is best to add a little flour at a time until it forms a smooth dough. As gluten-free gnocci are hard to get or very expensive (and not very tasty), this recipe is a great way of still being able to enjoy them. And it is definitely worth the time.

I also made this accidentally vegan, but forgetting the egg yolks 🙂
This also worked well and the taste was great.
During cooking, the gnocci seem to have dissolved a bit on the outside, leaving some liquid dough at the bottom of the saucepan. Maybe this would have happened less had I used the egg yolks? I will try again soon.

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