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Lemon Bread Cake

From: Linda McCartney’s Home Cooking, p. 162

A great, lemony cake, topped with lemon icing. Makes one small cake.

As my parents and siblings were staying, I made this cake and the Spice Cake (p. 165) to have with a cup of tea in the afternoon. They all loved the Lemon Bread Cake, thought I would say I preferred the Spice Cake with its dried fruit.
As my son is allergic to nuts, I omitted the nuts- I think it is at least as good without as with nuts.

For my gluten-free version I replaced the flour with 50g corn flour, 40g potato flour, 80g rice flour and 3 tsp potato fiber. The gluten-free cake tasted great when fresh but turned dryish on the second day. Better to slice and freeze any leftovers and defrost in the microwave before eating.

Variations: I did not have any vegetable suet and used 70g coconut oil instead, which worked fine. I reduced the sugar to 140g, and only used 50g of icing sugar. For my gluten-free version, using less milk ( around 80ml) seemed to be enough.

The cake was ready after 20 minutes of baking and retained a lovely moisture.

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