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Linda’s Lasagne

From: Linda McCartney’s Home Cooking, p. 104

Having cooked “Lasagne Italiano” from Linda´s book two weeks ago, I decided to prepare Linda’s Lasagne now to find out which I like best. Both my family and I agreed that it is impossible to tell: both recipes are great and we would rather take it in turns to have one or the other. This way, no decision is needed 🙂

Linda’s Lasagne is special as it uses cottage cheese as one of the layers in the lasagne, giving it a nice balance between the tomato sauce and the mild flavour of the cottage cheese.
A friend of mine showed me to make a very similar lasagne when I was working in Sweden on a work placement.

Variations: Instead of using cottage cheese, you could add a layer of White Sauce (see Linda McCartne’s Home Cooking, p. 150) to make a very traditional Italian Lasagne.

Gluten-Free: Make sure the TVP mince you are using is gluten-free and substitute the lasagne strips with a gluten-free version.