Linda's recipes

Mozzarella Croquettes

From: Linda McCartney’s Home Cooking, p. 110.

A mix of mozzarella and flour, shaped into croquettes, breaded, and deep-fried. Makes 24 saussage-sized croquettes.

These croquettes were appreciated by my family as everything breaded and deep-fried seems to just taste good…
I found that again, the mozzarella does not give them enough flavour and I would prefer having another kind of cheese with more flavour (e.g. cheddar). Personnally, I did not like the croquettes so much as they were so high in fat and difficult to digest.

When frying, make sure you fry them for long enough (not just until they are golden-brown on the outside)- otherwise they will still be uncooked in the middle and have a very floury taste. Please also be careful when dropping the croquettes into the hot oil or when handling the oil. It is extremely hot!

Gluten-free: Works well with a gluten-free flour blend.