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Pancake Mix

From: Linda McCartney’s Home Cooking, p. 148

Here, Linda McCartney presents another recipe everyone should have . It is a simple pancake mix which gives you very thin and delicious pancakes- very similar to french crepes.

Vegan: As it is veganuary and my aim was to cook vegan recipes only, I substituted the egg for 50g of pureed silken tofu. This worked really well and tasted just like a pancake should taste. Using plant-based milk instead of cow’s milk made the pancakes vegan.

Gluten-Free: I also tried a gluten-free version of this recipe, which was not very sucessful. In this recipe, the dough needs to stand for some time for the dough to thicken. This only works with flour that contains gluten- the rice and tapioka flour blend I used did not change at all when soaking and the dough was far too runny.
To still adapt this recipe as gluten-free, you need to use more flour than specified in the recipe (I took a total of 175g) or try oat flour instead.

Variations: Pancakes are very versatile and we make them in “emergencies” when we really need some quick comfort food. As the recipe does not use any sugar, the pancakes can also be filled with savoury ingredients. We like filling them with salad, olives, and yoghurt dressing, and the children love vegetable sticks and tomato ketchup. As sweet fillings, a favourite is a mix of sugar and ground cinnamon, but you can also try all kinds of jam, banana and peanut butter or chocolate spread. There is no limit to imagination…