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From: Linda McCartney’s Home Cooking, p. 117

A great recipe for a classic ratatouille.

After watching the film “Ratatouille” about a cooking gourmet rat, it was easy to decide what to cook today.
Linda’s recipe is straightforward and gives an easy method to steam or slow-cook the veg in its own juice. I think there is no need to deseed the tomatoes; instead I would use the seeds and the juice of the tomatoes as fluid to help start the steaming process.
It is important to cut the aubergine (no need to peel the aubergine!) and the courgette in rounds and layer them over the mushroom and pepper mix. There is no stirring involved during the whole cooking process.
Another very simple and delicious dish that will impress dinner guests!

Serve with tagliatelle or new potatoes.

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