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Syrup Steamed Pudding

From: Linda McCartney’s Home Cooking, p. 166

A lovely old-fashioned steamed pudding with golden syrup that is easy to make and will make an impression on any dinner guest 🙂
In comparison with other recipes for steamed pudding, this recipe is lower in both sugar and fat but still tastes great. I even reduced both even more with good results (see below).

After spending the weekend with a friend and finding a 2 pint pudding basin in a shop, there was no way around this recipe. I did try a gluten-free version, which tasted great but was a little delicate and crumbly. I also reduced the golden syrup in the pudding basin’s bottom to just 1 tbsp and used only 40g of caster sugar.
I also replaced the vegetable suet with 90g melted coconut oil, giving the pudding a delicious hint of coconut flavour.

My son, who is a very picky eater, and my daughter, who usually does not like sweet dishes too much, both loved this pudding, as did my husband.

Gluten-Free: I used 80g rice flour, 20g potato flour, 20g corn flour, 1 tsp baking powder and 2 tsp potato fiber instead of the self-raising flour.

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