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Tabouli Salad

From: Linda McCartney’s Home Cooking, p.77

A cold salad with bulgur wheat, tomatoes and herbs.

On my last visit to Sweden, I discovered gluten-free bulgur wheat, made from corn. This recipe gave me the chance to try it out on a cold salad with lots of herbs (fresh mint- the first leaves have just appeared in our garden!) and spices- delicious!
My husband was planning the year’s first BBQ, so I agreed to make a salad to go with the veggie saussages he had chosen. The Tabouli Salad is great accompanied with a green salad and saussages or burgers. It can be prepared in advance and gets even better if alowed to stand and develop its flavours.
The amount of oil used in this salad seemed to be too much, so I reduced to 2 tbsp, which worked well.
I omitted the pine nuts and would rather use some roasted, chopped walnuts for extra flavour, if desired. But I do not think that the salad really needs the nutty component.

You could add other chopped vegetables, such as red peppers or cucumbers,chopped dried tomatoes, or you could try fried courgettes and aubergines. For some extra spice, add some chopped chillies.
If you want a more substantial salad, you could add some feta cheese.

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