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Blueberry Muffins

From: Linda McCartney’s Home Cooking, p. 155

We enjoyed a relaxed Sunday breakfast with these blueberry muffins and everybody agreed that they were great.
For people who associate muffins with very sweet, high-fat cupcake-like products, these muffins will come as a surprise. They contain very little fat, sugar and egg, and lots of blueberries, while being light and fluffy. They are typical breakfast muffins, and as Linda suggests, you can even spread some honey on top to make them a real treat.

These muffins are best eaten when they are still slightly warm. Pop leftover muffins in the microwave for a few seconds straigt before serving.

I tried to bake them in individual paper muffin cups/ muffin liners. When warm, the muffins stuck to the paper and were difficult to remove. When cooled, they were easy to take out of the paper cups. Maybe greasing the muffin tin and omitting the paper cup could be a good solution when wanting to eat them warm.

Gluten-Free: I used gluten-free flour plus 2 tsp. potato fiber. The result was light and moist while warm.

Vegan: Replace the egg with 50g pureed silken tofu and the milk with plant-based milk. Use vegan margarine or 40g rapeseed or sunflower oil.

Variations: You could replace 60g of the flour with rolled oats to give a more grainy consistency, or add some chopped nuts or almonds. The blueberries can be substituted for other berries or small pieces of peeled apple. Experiment with adding some ginger or cinnamon or vanilla to the recipe.

Linda's recipes


From: Linda McCartney´s Home Cooking, p. 40

The recipe for porridge is hidden away in the chapter “Glorious Grains And Pulses”. I tried it out with medium oatmeal we bought at Blair Atholl Watermill during our holiday in Scotland last summer. Can porridge get more authentic?