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Beetroot and Celery Salad

From: Linda McCartney´s Home Cooking, p. 70

A surprisingly balanced and moreish salad– especially for somebody like me who always thought that uncooked celery is inedible. I think that the combination of the strong flavours of the beetroot and celery and the milder flavour of the egg go very well together.

Bowl with beetroot and celery salad
Beetroot and celery salad. Photo by Almut Späth CC AT-NC license

I have tried making this salad with lemon juice only, but find that the sharp acidity of the vinegar harmonizes better with the beetroot than the sour taste of the lemon juice. Therefore, I would prefer using either a combination of lemon juice and vinegar, or only vinegar.
Leaving the salad for at least an hour before serving helps the flavour develop. Add the sliced egg just before serving.