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Burgers in Sour Cream

From: Linda McCartney’s “Home Cooking”, p. 91.

Fried burgers, covered with tasty veg, stewed in the oven.

A lovely winter recipe for meat-eaters and those who love burgers. I made this a little lighter by using only 2 tbsp of olive oil instead of the butter, and reducing the sour cream to 150ml. I think it is also great served with potatoes to soak up the sauce.

Vegan: Use plant-based cream and add a little vinegar to taste.

Linda's recipes

Tomatoes Provencal and Mince

From: Linda McCartney’s Home Cooking, p. 130.

Halved tomatoes, baked on a bed of crumbled burgers in sauce.

An easy dish that reminds me a little of 1980s cooking and was a little too plain for my taste. My husband and daughter loved it, though 🙂

I recommend reducing the olive oil to 3 tbsp and omitting the butter- otherwise it gets too greasy.

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Spicy Eggs

From: Linda McCartney’s Home Cooking, p. 123

Oven-baked scrambled eggs on a bed of fried peppers and mushrooms, topped with cheese.

A very surprising but delicious dish that is easy to prepare. I thought that it could do with more of the pepper and mushroom mixture and would recommend to double quantities here.

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Italian Burgers

From: Linda McCartney’s Home Cooking, p. 103

An oven-baked dish with burgers covered in tomato sauce with olives and mozzarella cheese.

Despite so many recipes in Linda’s book using burgers, this one was a real favourite for my family. It has a lot of flavour and is very satisfying yet not too heavy.

I did use home-made black bean burgers for this recipe. They tasted great but desintegrated during baking time.

Gluten-Free: Make sure the burgers you are using are gluten-free.

Linda's recipes

Baked Steaklets

From: Linda McCartney’s Home Cooking, p. 84

Steaklets (or veggie burgers) covered with fried onions, tomato sauce, and fried mushrooms and baked in the oven.

This dish seems to be another one of those dishes meat-eaters like a lot. It has the taste and feel of a meat-based oven-bake and is very easy and quick to make. Perfect for dinner in winter time with lots of friends and family around the table.

I did use vegetable burgers instead of steaklets and substituted 2/3 of the tomato ketchup with tomato purée. I also added 2 tbsp of ready-made salsa to spicen up the sauce a bit.

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Aubergine Parmigiano

From: Linda McCartney’s Home Cooking, p. 83

An oven-baked aubergine and tomato dish, covered with mozzarella cheese.

This is just one of the recipe that is so great you do not want to stop eating! It combines the flavours of the fried aubergine with a lovely tomato sauce, rounded off by the cheese topping.

Preparing this dish on a cold day in early February, I wanted to make it a little more filling and warming by adding some veggie-mince to the tomato sauce. A great addition!
Leftovers (if there are any!) are a great lunch to take to work the next day. Just as good reheated as straight from the oven.

Gluten-free: Just replace the flour by gluten-free flour, e.g. rice flour.

Vegan: Substitute the mozzarella cheese for some vegan melty cheese.

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Cauliflower Mexican Style

From: Linda McCartney’s Home Cooking, p. 92

My husband made this delicious cauliflower bake with tomato sauce for us today. He opted for the spicy variation with chillies instead of capers, cloves and cinnamon. An unusual way to eat cauliflower, easy to make and very tasty.
We found that there was too much cheese in this dish, so I would recommend reducing the amount of cheese to 110g.
Serve with potatoes.

Vegan: Use 3 tbsp of my “vegan parmesan” instead of the cheddar.

Gluten-free: Use gluten-free breadcrumbs.

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Baked Macaroni Cheese

From: Linda McCartney´s Home Cooking, p. 84

This recipe reminds me of one of my gransmother´s recipes. She would make a large tray of Baked Macaroni Cheese whenever a lot of people came round for dinner or lunch. So this recipe is definitely one with lots of memories of family get-togethers, and of chatter and laughs around a big table. She would serve it with some carrot salad with chopped apple and a sweet lemon juice and honey dressing.

When I tried this recipe on my family, we found that the quantities used were too little for us- I would say this recipe serves 2-3.

Variations: Adding 1/2 tsp. of smoked paprika powder and 1/2 tsp. of sweet paprika powder gives more flavour and reminds me even more of my gran´s recipe, as she used some smoked ham in her maccaroni cheese.

Gluten-free: Use gluten-free macaroni.

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Cheese and Tomato Casserole

From: Linda McCartney´s Home Cooking, p. 94

This is a great dish if you have tomatoes you want to use- they are delicious baked in the cheesy sauce. In the recipe, it is described that you should skin the tomatoes, but I think that it works just as well when using the tomatoes as they are.

Vegan and gluten-free:
I have tried using plant-based milk instead of the milk, and have substituted the flour for gluten-free flour- both worked great. In my opinion, it does not need the egg for the sauce to set, so for a vegan version you could just leave it out. Substitute the cheese for 3 tbsp. of vegan “parmesan” but do not mix into the sauce but sprinkle over the casserole just before putting it in the oven.

Linda's recipes

Potato Torte á la Faranto

From Linda McCartney´s Home Cooking, p. 117

Linda recommends serving this piping hot- which tastes great. I tried taking leftovers to work with me and it was also good as a cold lunch. The Potato Torte was not quite set when it came out of the oven but was perfect when cooled.
The recipe starts with pre-heating the oven, which is too early as you have to cook the potatoes for at least 20 minutes. Start pre-heating as soon as the potatoes are soft.
I needed to bake my potato shell for 20-25 minutes as it was still very soft after 15 minutes.

Gluten-free: Use gluten-free flour (e.g. from Doves Farm)

Vegan: Substitute the mozzarella and parmesan for vegan cheese.