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Winter Lasagne

From: Linda McCartney’s “Linda’s Kitchen”, p. 92.

A colourful lasagne with tomato sauce, spinach and veggie mince.

Winter Lasagne from “Linda’s Kitchen”, p. 92. Photo by Almut Spaeth

As you may have noticed, I have started cooking recipes from Linda’s second cookbook, “Linda’s Kitchen” now. My challenge to try all of the recipes in her first book “Home Cooking” is almost completed (only some of the endless variations of veggie schnitzels or burgers left) and I needed some change.
I think this is the most beautiful lasagne I have ever seen. And also one of the most delicious. Light, colourful, lots of veg and lots of taste. Perfect.

Gluten-free: I used Schär’s gluten-free lasagne for this recipe- impossible to tell its gluten-free! Use gluten-free flour, such as rice flour, for the béchamel sauce.

Linda's recipes

Spinach Cheese Dumplings

From: Linda McCartney’s Home Cooking, p. 124

Flour-based dumplings with cottage cheese and fresh spinach- a really tasty and unusual dish that works well with gluten-free flour.

When I tried this out with self-raising gluten-free flour, the mixture was quite soft (maybe take 3 eggs instead of 4 next time?) and I was a little worried that the dumplings might fall apart when cooking. I did cover the dumplings with a little flower and luckily they stayed in shape. Delicious!