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Yorkshire Pudding

From: Linda McCartney’s Home Cooking, p. 69

A great invention of British cooking, and quite unknown in German kitchens. Do people know what they miss?
During my time as an exchange student in England, I learned to love yorkshire pudding but got the impression that they are very difficult to make. After trying to make them at home, I was convinced of the opposite. My family loves yorkshire pudding, too- either with gravy as part of a Sunday lunch or as a sweet treet with some golden syrup poured over them.
What is special about this recipe is that it uses just one egg for making up to 9 individual yorkshire puddings- and they still rise beautifully and taste great.
Instead of using vegetable suet to cover the tin, you can also use vegetable oil.

Gluten-Free: I tried making gluten-free Yorkshire Pudding, using 50g potato flour and 65g rice flour. They tasted good but only rose to about 2/3 the size I would have expected. Maybe the batter needs to be beaten more thoroughly? Or should I try replacing the rice flour by corn flour? Will try next time.

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