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Sour Cream Soufflé

From: Linda McCartney’s “Home Cooking”, p. 121.

A savoury soufflé, flavoured with sour cream and Gruyère cheese.

This soufflé is very rich as it contains so much sour cream and cheese- I would prefer a lighter version. Using gluten-free flour, the soufflé tasted rather floury. To prevent this, try making a white sauce first to pre-cook the flour, then add the other ingredients and bake.

The recipe says that the soufflé dish should be placed into a pan filled with water during baking. I was wondering how high the water should be coming up to the dish and if cold or hot water should be used. I tried baking in a pan with water halfway up the dish. Maybe this was too much water as the soufflé took around 15 minutes more to bake than specified in the recipe. I put it in the oven without water for the last 15 minutes, which gave a lovely crust. Maybe try using no water at all next time??

Favourites Linda's recipes

Chocolate Soufflé

From: Linda McCartney’s “Home Cooking”, p. 157.

An oven-baked chocolate dessert that is best served with some whipped cream.

This is a very special dessert that tastes just great- another favourite!

I have reduced the sugar to 40g and did not sprinkle the soufflé with extra sugar before baking- this would just be too sweet. I also added a pinch of salt and used 4 instead of 5 egg whites. This way, there will also be no egg yolk left over (4 egg yolks used in recipe).
To make this easier to cook, simply mix the chocolate into the white sauce without having melted it before. It did melt well in the sauce and saved some work.

Gluten-free: I used rice flour, which worked well.