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Aubergine Fritters

From: Linda McCartney’s Home Cooking, p. 83

These fritters are made with boiled aubergine pulp, and contain some flour, an egg and spices.

Making them gave me the opportunity to learn how to boil aubergines and then spoon out the pulp. I had never done this before.
The result was a little dissappointing because the delicate flavour of the aubergine had disappeared behing the strong taste of the herbs and behind an overall “fried” taste. My family liked the fritters nonetheless but could not taste their main ingredient.

Gluten-Free: I used cassava flour (because it was in my store-cupboard) which produced a dough that was easy to handle and had a nice and soft, yet not mushy, texture when fried. I think the cassava taste contributed to hiding the aubergine flavour so maybe a more neutral-tasting four would have worked better.

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