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Pumpkin Pie

From: Linda McCartney’s “Home Cooking”, p. 164.

A lovely flavoured Americal pie, giving you all the great tastes of autumn and winter.

The first pumpkin pie I ever tried was when my sister returned from her six months as an exchange student in the States, and brought many American recipes with her. I remember being a little confused as I was not sure if this was supposed to be savoury or sweet.
Linda’s Pumpkin Pie was my second ever pumpkin pie to try- and I loved it! It tastes a little like gingerbread with all the spices. We tried it warm, but when served chilled it can develop all its flavours even better. Top with a little whipped cream and a dusting of cinnamon. Heaven!

Gluten-free: Use my recipe for gluten-free pastry.